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What are the entry requirements for international visitors?


You need a valid passport that will not expire six months before your visit.   For additional and other update to date information, consult your embassy.   At this moment, most countries are not required to obtain a visa for entrance into Argentina.   
Due to COVID 19, the requirements for entry into the country are as follows:
•    Complete the following Immigration Entry Form:

•    Present Health Insurance with COVID19 coverage. 


How are the hotel mitigating actions against COVID-19?

Cleaning Table

The safety and wellbeing of our guests is our top priority. In response to COVID-19, we have introduced enhanced measures for guests’ safety and peace of mind. They include:
•    Hand sanitizing gel dispensers throughout  the hotel
•    Housekeeping according to World Health Organization guidelines
•    Increased frequency of cleaning in the common areas, bathrooms and elevator
•    Certified laundry service at high temperature (above 60º C )
•    Increased frequency of cleaning air filters
•    Capacity reduced in common areas and elevator
•    Hotel staff trained in Covid-19 preventive measures
•    Daily health check of our staff including temperature control
•    Digital check-in and check-out processes to reduce contact
•    Mobile App (Android and IOS) available to access relevant hotel information


Cash or credit cards?

cash or credit card.jpg

The official currency of Argentina is the peso. Credit cards and cash are widely accepted throughout the country. Our advice is this: Bring two credit cards, just in case one gets compromised, and notify your bank or credit card companies of your travel dates. You should always bring some cash; just be aware of the current exchange rate and the places where you will receive the best exchange. Many times, you can negotiate better with dollars than with credit cards.


Cell phone service and internet

cell phone.jpg

Our advice regarding mobile service is to call your carrier before departure. Some providers will include free in-country roaming and calls from the U.S. Internet service is a non-issue in the larger metropolitan cities. As you travel into the country, you may experience intermittent delays or outages. It should not be a major problem but a minor irritation or slight inconvenience. As a warning, never leave your cell phone, iPad, or computer unattended.


The cuisine of Argentina


In this multicultural country, people have two things in common: they love their beef, Gaucho-style BarBQ, which is known as the Asado, and they like lots of Malbec to go with it. Top steakhouses in Buenos Aires, like La Cabrera, Don Julio or La Brigada offer only the finest quality beef. Street foods are not recommended, no matter how good they smell and look or how hungry you are.


Is driving in Argentina recommended?


If you wish to explore Buenos Aires, going by taxi or hiring a driver is always your best option.  The majority of taxi drivers are honest and hardworking people. There are, however, some real pros out there who engage in counterfeit bill swapping, running the meter a little fast, taking advantage of the currency confusion, and taking the long way to your destination. Asking the receptionist how much the fare should be and how long the trip should take are good ideas. Be sure you ask these questions in front of your driver. 
If you go to places such as Mendoza, Salta, Bariloche or Iguazu Falls renting a car is a good alternative. However, we might mention that car rental agencies will require a hefty damage deposit on top of the rental.


Are there any cultural customs that I should respect?

hand shake.jpg

Argentinians are very friendly and engaging people; the women always expect a little kiss on the cheek as a greeting. For men, a good, hard handshake is just fine. Some also have relaxed attitudes towards time; for them, 10 to 15 minutes late is on time.
Even though your Spanish may not be perfect, and perhaps you are unsure of the proper verb, go for it! They will be honored by the fact that you tried. Speaking their language is showing respect and a great icebreaker.


Is Argentina safe?


There are safety precautions you need to know: The most current global study today of all travelers’ rates safety as the number one concern. You will require transportation to your hotel after you arrive at Buenos Aires International Airport Ezeiza. Your best choice is to arrange it with the hotel. Our personal experience is to stay away from the airport taxis.
We strongly recommend to leave all valuable items at home, such as rolexes, diamonds and expensive jewelry. If you happen to bring it with you, please leave it in the safe at the hotel room. Cash and wallets require particular attention; travel pants for both men and women have in-pocket zipper security that presents a real challenge even for the most skilled pickpocketer.
Argentine people are friendly and enjoyable to be around. Drink, but don't overdrink; always be aware of your surroundings, and have the proprietor of the restaurant or club call you a cab, especially if you have been drinking. Do not walk back to your hotel or leave the restaurant and attempt to flag down a cab.


Do you need health insurance in Argentina?


We heartily recommend that you inquire as to your supplemental health coverage. Health Insurance with COVID 19 coverage is currently required. Check your overseas medical insurance coverage two weeks before your departure. Be aware that U.S. Medicare benefits do not transfer overseas. Alternatively you can acquire travel insurance for your trip with international providers such as Assist Card, Alliance, AAA, etc. 
Most foreign countries, including Argentina, only accept cash for medical services. Always carry your prescription medication in original packaging with your doctor's prescription. 

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